Programs and services

How much does it cost to have a child in IPPLIAP?

At IPPLIAP every kid pays according to what they can afford. Fees are determined by assessing the economy of each family.

School for deaf kids

IPPLIAP has a kindergarten program, also an elementary school program for deaf kids based on a bi-lingual approach on which the Lengua de Señas Mexicana (LSM, Mexican Sign Language) is recognized as the main way to transmit information.

IPPLIAP is currently the institution holding the largest amount of deaf pupils in our country and the only private institution offering school services for deaf people recognized by the Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP, Ministry of Education). For 7 years, it has implemented a program for adding deaf pupils to junior high school with great results; it also provides support to other educational communities within the country regarding attention to deaf kids.


How to subscribe?

Any time is a good time to contact IPPLIAP. All kids should follow the process below for enrollment:

  1. Get a first time interview through phone call or visit to premises.
  2. During the interview, parents will answer a questionnaire to determine specific kid’s problems
  3. The kid is transferred to a process of evaluation or observation within the classroom.
  4. If after the observation or evaluation session it is determined that the kid is a candidate to receive services provided by IPPLIAP, the kid is then enrolled in one of the existing programs. Otherwise, they will be referred to another institution.
  5. Fees are determined for each family depending on how much they can afford to pay based on a Social Work interview.

Program for attention of kids with language and learning problems (PALA)

This extra school support service is designed to assist kids with language and learning problems through:

  • Language workshops
  • Reading and writing workshops
  • Math workshops
  • Psychological support


IPPLIAP offers workshops focused on kids overcoming issues with language or learning so they can continue school with success in critical subjects of education in Mexico.

Our program offers intervention for two to three years in order to assure that pupils will overcome or improve to their best the areas where they have issues

Program for Deaf Youth

This program was born during the confinement, when we found the need to analyze how we could continue working with deaf students once they graduated from elementary school and include students from outside Mexico City.

It´s fundamental purpose is to offer deaf youth throughout the country a space for continuous education and comprehensive training, to influence their retention in the educational path, increase their chances of accessing middle and/or higher education, and enable them to enter adulthood with enhanced capacities and skills to integrate into our society with dignity.


This program is offered through quarterly workshops in a remote format. Through these workshops, critical thinking and thinking skills are promoted through project-based work. Each quarter, young people can choose to participate in one or up to four workshops. Due to the overwhelming response to this program, it is offered for two age groups (13-17 years old and 18 years old and above). The workshops cover the following areas:

Knowing the World (literature and film workshop, information, dialogue, and debate on current topics, and work on thinking skills).

Reading and Writing with Deaf Individuals (workshops focused on developing reading and writing skills in Spanish).

Youth in Action (workshops on analysis and discussion of current youth-related topics such as addiction prevention, responsible sexuality, proper use of social media, among others).

Life Skills Learning (workshops on work life, independent living, technology use, mathematics for daily life, among others).

My Language (a workshop aimed at enriching communication competence in Mexican Sign Language for deaf youth who have not had the opportunity to acquire it in rich linguistic environments).

Teacher Training

Señalees Seminar

Since 2005, IPPLIAP has been offering an annual training seminar for teachers of deaf children from all over Mexico. The conferences and workshops are conducted by specialists in deaf education from different countries around the world.

Señalees for All

This seminar is aimed at any teacher, as it covers topics relevant to the education of any child.


Training in the states

  • Optimal Learning Environments for Reading and Writing Workshop
  • Bilingual Educational Model for Deaf Children Workshop
  • Language Stimulation Workshop
  • Learning Mexican Sign Language Workshop

University Educational Internship Program

  • Observations at IPPLIAP
  • University Social Service Program
  • Professional Internships

Interpretation Services

LSM/Spanish/LSM interpretation for events:

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