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We carry out our work thanks to the support of foundations,
companies and people who nobly support our cause.



Train and educate deaf children and adolescents, children with language or learning problems, regardless of their economic situation, to contribute to their dignified integration into society.


How to detect if a girl or boy is deaf?

Deafness can be detected when your child is very young.
Observe your baby, see how he responds to sound.

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Register a boy, girl or young person

What does it mean to be bilingual for a deaf girl or boy?

Get to know our institution

We are a Private Assistance Institution that for more than 55 years has been serving deaf girls, boys and young people and girls and boys with language or learning problems and that we carry out our work, thanks to the support of foundations, companies and people who They nobly support our cause.

How can you help?

Learn about the different ways to support IPPLIAP and its students


Scholarship for a child

It consists of the donation of the real cost that a boy or girl implies to the institution, and which can be made with an annual ($42,000 pesos) or monthly ($3,500 pesos) donation. 100% or part of it can be donated.

Scholarship for a teacher

This program is aimed mainly at companies and foundations, and at those who wish to support us by financing the annual cost of a teacher at our preschool or primary school for deaf children, ($216,000 pesos annually, $18,000 monthly).

Some of our achievements


Annual training seminars for teachers of deaf girls and boys (+6500 trained teachers)


Former students and IPPLIAP graduates complete high school


Of the deaf girls and boys who graduate from primary school, they enter secondary school


Of the deaf girls and boys who finished high school in the inclusion program, they entered high school