In Mexico, residents over 32, 000,000 children of which 11, 000,000 million have a disability and of those, slightly more than 1.6 million children have hearing problems. The Public Education System has failed in giving these children the opportunity to language development, which leads to the inaccessibility to education, and generate feelings of isolation and low esteem in most of deaf people. As a result, 82% of deaf children and young people do not have opportunities for employment upon reaching adulthood, growing illiterate.
The Insitituto Pedagógico para Problemas del Lenguaje, IAP (IPPLIAP) is dedicated to support deaf children and children with language and learning disabilities, poor mainly, through educational programs and after-school support.

IPPLIAP was founded in 1967, and counts with a Board of Trustees that guides and plans the strategy to set institutional goals and that carefully supervises its work. IPPLIAP works with a staff of 40 members conformed by diverse specialists in specialized education.

For the 1st time in Mexico we undertook the implementation and development of an educative program based in a social-cultural model that regards deaf students basic language and educative needs, and that recognize the rights of these children to acquire Sign Language and to receive education through it, as has been stipulated in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD May 3rd 2008). We are proud to have been guide and inspiration for others in the exercise of these rights for the last 20 years.

Our educative model is designed exclusively for deaf children (K-6ht) been at this moment, the educative center with the biggest number of students in our country. Done to the lack of education opportunities that our former students have faced to continue their High School in programs that meet their linguistic and special education needs, mainstreaming them without any support as Sign Language interpreters and specialized teachers, we have started a mainstreamed program (7th-12th) in alliance with another educative institution (NGO).

Ten years ago we also started a Teacher Training Program for teachers of deaf from all over Mexico, through which we capacitate 1000 teachers annually in order to impact the majority of deaf children in Mexico. We have accomplished alliances with Gallaudet College, The California School for the Deaf, The New Mexico School for the Deaf, the INSOR (Colombia), the Bolivariana University (Venezuela), with The Catholic University of Chile, with the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), with Canales ONG (Argentina), with the Complutense University (Spain), to enrich and develop our educative program and to execute our Teacher Training Program.