About us

We are a Private Assistance Institution (ONG) that for 50 years has been assisting children who are deaf and hard of hearing or with language or learning problems and who carry out these work, thanks to the support of foundations, national and international enterprises and people who nobly support our cause.

Our Mission

Offer a well grounded education to deaf children and young and children with language and learning problems, regardless of their economic situation, and contribute to their dignified integration into society.

We are a non-profit Private Assistance Institution (ONG) that offers its services regardless of the economic situation of its students. Since our foundation in 1967, IPPLIAP has served more than 3,500 Mexican children, mostly from families with few economic resources who would not be able to pay the quality educative services their children need, without our support. We offer them programs based on their abilities and needs, not on their disability or difficulties.

IPPLIAP is the educational center with the highest concentration of Mexican deaf students.

How much does it cost to treat a child in IPPLIAP?

Most of our students have scholarships. Each one pays a recovery fee according to the family possibilities. The Social worker determines the symbolic fees by carefully studying the economic situation of each family.

Programs and services

IPPLIAP has developed specific programs for the integral attention of deaf children and children with language or learning disabilities.A large number of deaf people in Mexico do not reach, under the conditions in which they are being served by public education services, an efficient language development that allows them to satisfy their basic communication needs, nor an educational level according to their abilities.

Bilingual Education program for deaf children

Incorporated to the SEP (preschool, primary and secondary), through which students are given the right to access language, communication and education without barriers. To reach a full development for life. This educational program in Mexican Sign Language and Spanish, has sought to include the deaf by valuing their differences and enhancing their abilities and serving as a model and guide for the care of deaf students in México. We are very proud to be pioneers, guides and models

PALA (Attention program for children with language and learning disabilities)

This after-school support service is designed to serve children who have language or learning disabilities through:
– Language workshops
– Reading and writing workshops
– Math workshops

IPPLIAP offers workshops focused on children to overcome their difficulties in language or learning and can successfully continue their schooling afterwards. Our program offers an intervention of two to three years, to ensure that students overcome or improve their areas of difficulty to the maximum.

Teacher training program

Wanting to impact the greatest number of deaf children in the country, since 2004 IPPLIAP carries out a national teacher training program through SEÑALEES, an Annual Training Seminar and offering workshops for teachers (listeners and deaf) from all over Mexico. Conferences and workshops are given by deaf education specialists invited from different countries with permanent Mexican Sign Language interpreters.


Thanks to the generous support of people, companies and foundations we can offer our services. Ippliap has the  Mexican government authorization to receive donations from abroad. You can be our donor through the following programs:


It consists in the donation of the cost that a Mexican deaf child implies to the institution, and that can be done with a monthly or annual gift.


This program is aimed at companies, corporate social responsibilty (CSR) programs and foundations that wish to support us by financing the annual cost of a teacher from our preschool or primary school for Mexican deaf children.


Your gift can support our missión with a monthly donation via an automatic discount to your credit or debit card. Donations can be from $10 USD and over. Please download Fto Educa 2018  complete it and send it to donativos@ippliap.edu.mx

Contact us

If you have any question or would like to receive aditional information about our programs or services, please send us your message to: donativos@ippliap.edu.mx